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1-Click installation template for 2FAuth on Easypanel


2FAuth is a web based self-hosted alternative to One Time Passcode (OTP) generators like Google Authenticator, designed for both mobile and desktop.


  • Increased Security: Two-factor authentication provides a more secure method of access compared to using a password alone. By adding a second authentication factor, you protect your
  • Account Protection: Even if your password is compromised or stolen, a second authentication factor helps secure your account.


  • Generate passwords: The main purpose of 2FAuth Serve you some fresh TOTP/HOTP security codes aka One-Time Passwords.
  • Work anywhere: It's a Web App, it just works, whatever device you're on. You only need one device (not even yours) and an Internet connection.
  • QR codes scan: Scan and decode QR codes to add a 2FA account in no time. Actually, it decodes any QR code, even non 2FA.
  • 2FA management: Manage your 2FA accounts, organize and classify them using Groups, edit & delete them. You can even manually add an account without scanning a QR code.
  • Protect your data: 2FAuth protects your data with Privacy, Self-hosting, WebAuthn authentication, OTP obfuscation, and Auto lock.
  • Multi-user: Share your instance with your family, your friends. Everyone can have an account.
  • Import / Export: Migrate from another 2FA app to 2FAuth or export your 2FA data in a breeze.


NameDescriptionRequiredDefault Value
App Service Name-yes2fauth
App Service Image-yes2fauth/2fauth:5.1.1
App Owner Mail-no[email protected]
Database Type-yessqlite
Database Service Name-yes2fauth-db
Enable Redis-nofalse
Database Service Name-yes2fauth-redis


2FAuth Screenshot

Change Log​

  • 2024-03-17 – First Release


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