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1-Click installation template for Element on Easypanel


Element is a secure communications platform designed to protect and strengthen your business critical communications. It offers real-time trusted communication across organizations, giving you the freedom to communicate on your own terms. With Element, you can control your data through its open source and flexible hosting, enabling data sovereignty. The app allows you to structure discussion spaces, customize chat rooms, and share live data through widgets and integrations to boost your productivity. It also provides instant messaging, voice/video calls, location sharing, voting polls and more. Element ensures your data is secure by default, allowing you to focus on getting your work done. You have complete independence to own and control your entire communication platform, configure networks to suit organizational requirements, and strengthen cybersecurity and business continuity plans. Element is led by the creators of Matrix, the decentralized open standard for secure and sovereign real time communication.


  • Secure Communications: This platform is designed with security at its core, providing a safe environment for your critical business communications. It gives you the freedom to communicate on your own terms, ensuring your data is protected and your conversations are confidential.
  • Data Sovereignty: The app is open-source and offers flexible hosting options, enabling you to maintain complete control over your data. You can choose how you host, share, and manage your data, ensuring it remains in your hands.
  • Real-Time Communication: The app allows for trusted, real-time communication across organizations. It supports instant messaging, voice and video calls, location sharing, voting polls, and more, ensuring you can connect with partners effectively and efficiently.
  • Customization: The app offers the freedom to structure discussion spaces and customize chat rooms according to your needs. You can also configure networks to suit organizational requirements, ensuring the platform works for you.


  • Secure by Default: The app's technology protects your data so you can focus on getting your work done. It strengthens your cybersecurity and business continuity plans, reducing risks and ensuring your communications remain secure.
  • Boost Collaboration: The app allows you to share live data through widgets and integrations, supercharging your productivity. It enables you to collaborate with confidence, enhancing teamwork and improving outcomes.
  • Admin Console: The app provides a streamlined way to manage your network configurations and permissions. It also supports ID management and access control using SSO and ACLs, ensuring you maintain control over your platform.
  • Bridges: The app allows you to connect to internal and external partners based on siloed communication apps. This ensures you can communicate effectively with all your partners, regardless of the platforms they use.


NameDescriptionRequiredDefault Value
App Service Name-yeselement
App Service Image-yesvectorim/element-web:v1.11.67


Element Screenshot

Change Log

  • 2022-10-28 – first release
  • 2023-2-24 – Update to v1.11.23


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