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1-Click installation template for Wekan on Easypanel


WeKan is an open-source, customizable, and privacy-focused Kanban app designed for efficient task management. It allows you to create multiple boards for different projects or tasks, with each board having columns to represent different stages of your work such as 'To Do', 'Doing', and 'Done'. You can add cards to each board to represent tasks, complete with titles, descriptions, and due dates. WeKan uses lists on a Kanban board to represent different stages of a workflow, helping you organize and track tasks. You can customize lists by changing their color or adding custom fields to capture more information about tasks. A card in WeKan represents a task on a Kanban board, including a title, description, due date, labels, and comments. As work progresses, you can move the card from one column to another. WeKan also offers several features to protect your data, including a self-hosting option, access controls, and open-source code for security auditing. It is designed with security in mind, and its features and options are built to help you protect your data and keep it secure.


  • Efficient Task Management: Experience efficient task management with WeKan - the Open-Source, customizable, and privacy-focused kanban.
  • Visual Task Tracking: Keep track of your tasks and projects visually with WeKan. See what needs to be done and what has been completed.
  • Customizable Boards: Create multiple boards for different projects or tasks. Customize each board with columns to represent different stages of your work.


  • Kanban Boards: Create boards to organize and track your tasks and projects. Add columns to represent different stages of your work.
  • Lists: Use lists on a Kanban board to represent different stages of a workflow. Organize and track tasks within each list.
  • Cards: Create cards to represent tasks on a Kanban board. Add titles, descriptions, due dates, and more to each card.
  • Security in Focus: WeKan prioritizes security with features like self-hosting, open-source code, and access controls to protect your data.


NameDescriptionRequiredDefault Value
App Service Name-yeswekan
App Service
App Service Name-yeswekan-db
Mail From-yesWekan Notifications
Mail From Sender-yes[email protected]
Mail Host-yes
Mail Username-yes
Mail Password-yes
Mail Port-yes25
SMTP SSL-nofalse
Disable TLS-nofalse


Wekan Screenshot

Change Log​

  • 2023-07-10 – First Release


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