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1-Click installation template for RSSHub on Easypanel


RSSHub is an open-source, user-friendly, and extensible RSS feed generator. It is designed to create RSS feeds from virtually any content. With the ability to aggregate millions of contents from various sources, RSSHub ensures the delivery of new routes, features, and bug fixes. The app is compatible with the browser extension RSSHub Radar and mobile auxiliary apps RSSBud (iOS) and RSSAid (Android). It has adapted to hundreds of websites and thousands of content types, making it a versatile tool for generating RSS feeds.


  • Efficient Content Aggregation: RSSHub is an open-source RSS feed generator that efficiently aggregates content from a wide variety of sources. It delivers millions of contents, ensuring you always have access to the latest updates.
  • Extensibility: RSSHub is designed to be extensible, capable of generating RSS feeds from pretty much everything. This means it can adapt to your specific needs and provide feeds from even the most obscure sources.
  • Ease of Use: RSSHub is easy to use, making it accessible to users of all levels of technical proficiency. You can easily generate RSS feeds without needing advanced technical knowledge.


  • RSS Feed Generation: RSSHub can generate RSS feeds from a wide variety of sources. Whether it's social media, traditional media, blogs, or any other type of content, RSSHub can create an RSS feed for it.
  • Browser Extension and Mobile App Compatibility: RSSHub can be used with the RSSHub Radar browser extension and the RSSBud (iOS) and RSSAid (Android) mobile apps. This allows you to easily discover and subscribe to RSS feeds on your preferred devices.
  • Open Source Development: RSSHub is an open-source project, which means it's constantly being improved and updated by a vibrant community of developers. This ensures that the app stays up-to-date with the latest features and bug fixes.


NameDescriptionRequiredDefault Value
App Service Name-yesrsshub
App Service Image-yesdiygod/rsshub:latest


RSSHub Screenshot

Change Log​

  • 2023-07-09 – First Release


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