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1-Click installation template for Mattermost on Easypanel


Mattermost is a secure collaboration platform designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of technical and operational teams. It offers a range of features including team messaging, custom integrations, audio and screen sharing, and workflow automation. Mattermost is designed to improve time to response by 90%, decrease incident resolution time, and increase information availability by executing complex workflows faster and at a higher quality. It also helps in avoiding costly outages and downtime by decreasing the frequency and severity of system failures. The platform is built for enterprise scalability and can be deployed in air gapped networks and BYOD environments. It is also cloud neutral and offers self-host deployment options. Mattermost is open source and can be customized to fit your workflow with robust integrations or by building your own with its App Framework, Plugins, and open APIs.


  • Secure Collaboration: Mattermost Version 8.0 provides a secure workspace for operational and engineering teams to collaborate effectively. It improves response time by 90% and decreases incident resolution time, ensuring full data control.
  • Avoid Outages and Downtime: The app helps in avoiding costly outages and downtime by decreasing the frequency and severity of system failures.
  • Increase Information Availability: Mattermost increases information availability by executing complex workflows faster at higher quality, enhancing productivity.


  • Team Messaging: Mattermost offers team messaging feature for seamless communication within teams.
  • Custom Integrations: The app provides custom integrations to fit your workflow, making it flexible and extensible.
  • Audio & Screen Sharing: Mattermost supports audio and screen sharing, facilitating better collaboration.
  • Workflow Automation: The app is designed to automate workflows, increasing efficiency and productivity.
  • Data Control: Mattermost offers full control over your data with built-in identity and access controls, granular admin controls, and advanced compliance auditing & reporting.


NameDescriptionRequiredDefault Value
App Service Name-yesmattermost
App Service Image-yesmattermost/mattermost-team-edition:9.8
Database Service Name-yesmattermost-db


Mattermost Screenshot

Change Log

  • 2022-07-12 – first release
  • 2022-10-12 – ablity to define custom docker image version
  • 2022-11-29 – Update mattermost to 7.5.1
  • 2023-1-26 – Update mattermost to 7.7


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