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1-Click installation template for Flowise on Easypanel


Flowise is an open-source UI visual tool that allows you to build your own customized LLM (Language Learning Model) flow with ease. It is built on top of LangChainJS and is written in Node Typescript/Javascript. With Flowise, you can see your LLM apps running live, making the process of building and testing faster and more efficient. The app is extensible, allowing for custom component integrations. It offers a variety of features such as QnA retrieval chain, language translation chain, and a conversational agent with memory for chat models. Flowise is designed to make the process of visualizing and building LLM apps simple and accessible.


  • Open Source: Flowise is an open-source tool, making it free for both commercial and personal use. This allows you to use and modify the tool according to your needs without any restrictions.
  • Live Running Apps: With Flowise, you can see your LLM apps running live. This allows you to monitor the performance of your apps in real-time and make necessary adjustments on the go.
  • Custom Component Integrations: Flowise allows for custom component integrations, giving you the flexibility to add and integrate components that suit your specific needs.


  • LLM Flow Builder: Flowise is a UI visual tool that allows you to build your customized LLM flow using LangchainJS. It simplifies the process of creating LLM apps by providing a visual interface for building your flow.
  • QnA Retrieval Chain: Flowise includes a QnA retrieval chain feature that allows you to create conversational retrieval QA chains. This feature enhances the interaction between your app and its users.
  • Language Translation Chain: Flowise offers a language translation chain feature that enables language translation using LLM Chain with a Chat Prompt Template and Chat Model. This feature makes your app more accessible to users who speak different languages.
  • Conversational Agent with Memory: Flowise provides a conversational agent feature for a chat model which utilizes chat specific prompts and buffer memory. This feature allows your app to remember previous interactions and provide more personalized responses.


NameDescriptionRequiredDefault Value
App Service Name-yesflowise
App Service Image-yesflowiseai/flowise:1.8.0


Flowise Screenshot

Change Log

  • 2023-06-22 – first release


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