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1-Click installation template for Commento++ on Easypanel


Commento++ is a free, open-source application designed to provide a fast, lightweight comments box that you can embed in your static website. It offers a range of features including Markdown support, Disqus import, voting, automated spam detection, moderation tools, sticky comments, thread locking, and OAuth login. It also supports hot-reloading of comments and email notifications. Commento++ is designed to respect your privacy, with no adverts, and offers a more attractive comments box compared to other free and open-source alternatives. It is significantly lighter and faster than alternatives and can be deployed with a single click to a free Heroku account. For maximum control, you can also choose to self-host the application.


  • Privacy-Friendly: Commento++ is designed with user privacy in mind. It respects your privacy and does not display any advertisements.
  • Lightweight and Fast: Commento++ is significantly lighter and faster than other comment box alternatives. It ensures a smooth user experience without slowing down your website.
  • Customizable: With Commento++, you have the freedom to deploy your own instance and self-host for maximum control. It also offers a prettier comments box compared to other open-source alternatives.


  • Markdown Support: Commento++ supports Markdown, allowing users to format their comments with ease.
  • Import from Disqus: If you're switching from Disqus, Commento++ makes it easy for you to import your existing comments.
  • Voting: Users can vote on comments, promoting engagement and interaction within your website.
  • Automated Spam Detection: Commento++ integrates with Askimet and Perspective for automated spam detection, keeping your comments section clean and relevant.
  • Moderation Tools: Commento++ provides moderation tools, allowing you to manage and control the comments on your website.
  • Sticky Comments and Thread Locking: You can make important comments sticky or lock threads when necessary.
  • OAuth Login and Single Sign-On: Users can log in using their Google, Github, or Twitter accounts for convenience.
  • Hot-Reloading of Comments: Comments are automatically updated in real-time, ensuring that users always see the latest comments.
  • Email Notifications: Users receive email notifications about new comments, keeping them engaged and encouraging them to return to your website.


NameDescriptionRequiredDefault Value
App Service Name-yescommentoplusplus
App Service Image-yescaroga/commentoplusplus:v1.8.7
Database Service Name-yescommentoplusplus-db


Commento++ Screenshot Commento++ Screenshot

Change Log

  • 2023-3-25 – first release


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