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1-Click installation template for Cronicle on Easypanel


Cronicle is a powerful, multi-server task scheduler and runner, with an easy-to-use web-based interface. It allows you to schedule and run scripts, commands, or software programs on a recurring basis, similar to cron jobs but with the added capability of visual management and log tracking. Cronicle supports complex workflows including dependencies between tasks, and it can distribute tasks across multiple servers for load balancing. It's ideal for automating backups, updates, data processing tasks, and more in a distributed environment.


The default username is 'admin' and the default password is 'admin'


  • Automated Task Scheduling: Automate recurring tasks with precise scheduling and dependency management.
  • Multi-Server Support: EDistribute tasks across multiple servers for improved performance and redundancy.
  • Visual Management: Manage tasks, view logs, and monitor performance through an easy-to-use web interface.


  • Web-Based Interface: A user-friendly web interface for managing scheduled tasks.
  • Support for Complex Workflows: Handle complex task dependencies and conditional execution.
  • Distributed Execution: Run tasks across multiple servers, balancing load and ensuring high availability.
  • Detailed Logging: Keep detailed logs of all task executions for auditing and troubleshooting.


NameDescriptionRequiredDefault Value
App Service Name-yescronicle
App Service Image-yessoulteary/cronicle:0.9.46


Cronicle Screenshot

Change Log

  • 2024-03-18 – added template


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