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1-Click installation template for Formbricks on Easypanel


Formbricks provides a free and open source surveying platform. Gather feedback at every point in the user journey with beautiful in-app, website, link and email surveys. Build on top of Formbricks or leverage prebuilt data analysis capabilities.


  • Granular in-app targeting: Combine usage data with custom attributes and device information for fine-grained targeting. Targeted embedded surveys mean better insights for your research team and a better UX for your users.
  • Multi-language app surveys: For app surveys to fit in smoothly, they should feel like a part of your UI. Matching languages plays a big role for seamless product research. Formbricks lets you handle survey translations easily.
  • On brand design: Customize your embedded surveys to fit in. Match the look & feel of your embedded surveys with your app. Leverage our no-code design editor or load a custom style sheet - all on the free plan!
  • Keep all data private and secure: Formbricks is open source and can be self-hosted easily. Fly through compliance reviews by keeping all data on premise - or use our EU Cloud 🇪🇺. Formbricks works in full compliance with data privacy regulation worldwide
  • No-code targeting: To set up and run an online survey, no code changes are needed. Use generic triggers like clicks, page views, scroll depth or exit intents to trigger web surveys whenever you want. Enable less technical team mates to run online surveys in minutes.
  • Free link forms forever, unlimited: Get unlimited forms, responses, team members and workspaces in our open source web forms builder. In the Cloud we only charge for branding removal. Self-host with one click and remove the branding from all forms for free.
  • Conditional logic: Jump questions based on previous answers for higher completion rate. Conditional logic lets you personalize the survey experience. Formbricks is the only open source form builder with comprehensive logic capabilities included.


NameDescriptionRequiredDefault Value
App Service
Database Service Name-yesformbricks-db
Enterprise License Key-no
Short URL Base-no
Email Verification Disabled (1 for true)-no1
Password Reset Disabled (1 for true)-no1
Sign Up Disabled (1 for true)-no0
Email Auth Disabled (1 for true)-no0
Invite Disabled (1 for true)-no0
Privacy Policy URL-no
Terms of Service URL-no
Imprint URL-no
GitHub ID-no
GitHub Secret-no
Google Client ID-no
Google Client Secret-no
Default Team ID-no
Onboarding Disabled (1 for true)-no0


Formbricks Screenshot

Change Log

  • 2024-03-28 – First Release


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