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1-Click installation template for Typesense on Easypanel


Typesense is a powerful, fast, and typo-tolerant search engine designed to provide delightful search experiences. It is an open-source alternative to Algolia and a more user-friendly alternative to ElasticSearch. Typesense is capable of handling typographical errors gracefully, right out of the box. It is meticulously architected for low-latency, instant searches, offering a response time of less than 50ms. The app allows easy tailoring of search results, sorting of results based on a particular field at query time, and refining of results through faceting and filtering. It also supports grouping of similar results, federated search across multiple collections, geographic location-based search and sorting, and vector searching. Typesense also allows the generation of API keys for access to specific records, making it suitable for multi-tenant applications. It is designed to be simple to set up, integrate with, operate, and scale, making it a perfect choice for building delightful search experiences.


Find your API key in the environment tab


NameDescriptionRequiredDefault Value
App Service Name-yestypesense
App Service Image-yestypesense/typesense:27.0.rc15


Change Log

  • 2023-1-25 – first release


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